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Worcester takes Flight (& Barr)

It's time for a new episode of my column in Homes & Antiques, this time about the continuation of the great Worcester factory. This is an era that is usually called "Flight & Barr". And if you feel confused by this era and the many names the factory went by (Flight, Flight & Barr, Barr Flight & Barr, and Flight Barr & Barr!) you are not the only one - so that's why we simply call it "Flight & Barr".

The story is of extraordinary talent and resilience. After the death of Dr. Wall, the genius founder of the original 18thC Worcester factory, the establishment was bought by John Flight for his two sons to run. But little did they know that they were taking on a nightmare of a factory: the machinery was worn, the workers lazy and badly managed, and there were endless problems with the kilns. To top it off, the foreman refused to share the porcelain recipe with them, and it took them years to even find out how their own porcelain was actually made.

They didn't give up, though. And slowly the factory made progress. When Martin Barr joined, designs started to become colourful and novel again, and soon the factory became the most respected and fabulous porcelain factory in Britain, serving royalty and the nobility not only here but everywhere in the world.

You can read all about this in the full piece, which you can find on my PRESS page... or subscribe to Homes & Antiques through the special offer below. I write a column every month, taking us on a journey through 18th and 19th Century Britain in search of the best porcelain - and the best stories.

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Happy weekend, and let your love of porcelain take Flight! ☕️🫖🍽


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