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Save your favourites

This week I have some good news - yes, that still exists even in today's crazy world 😃

A couple of weeks of hibernation over the holidays has given me the brain space to add a new function to my website: wish lists! From now on, when you go to my website you will find a Login icon in the top right. It will allow you to set up your own profile in which you can see your purchases and, importantly, create a wish list! So no more scraps of paper or missed opportunities.

Whenever you click on an item in my shop you will be taken to the product page, and by clicking on the little heart icon ♡ you can add it to your wish list.

I've been busy making small improvements to my website, and if you have any feedback please let me know... it's the small things that count. And I am constantly adding new stock as I've had some boxes of new items coming in during the last few weeks. You can see this week's new additions below.

You can find all my items in my shop here, and if you always want to see the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story every single day.

Happy weekend, and happy listing! 🖌🔖🛒


This week's new treasures:​



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