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Salopian Roses

This month in Homes & Antiques I am taking you to Shropshire (called Salop in those days), just over the border with Staffordshire, where two brothers named John and Thomas Rose made history building their potteries along the banks of the new canal at Coalport.

John Rose had trained at Caughley, already a famous pottery in Shropshire. He ended up buying it and turning it into his own business that would later become known as "Coalport". His brother Thomas built a factory just opposite, on the other bank of the canal. Both created wonderful designs in various styles.

Were John and Thomas colleagues or rivals? We'll never know exactly as there is not much documentation left. But what we do know is that they either shared or closely imitated shapes and patterns for a number of years, each putting out innovative and fashionable designs. Ultimately, after several strokes of good and back luck, and as a result of their difference in business acumen, it was John who had the upper hand and bought Thomas out, creating the one big factory that would make history for the next 100 years, and leaving Thomas to run the family farm.

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Happy weekend, and enjoy some roses!


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