Rockingham style - the real thing

You often see porcelain that is called "Rockingham style". This usually applies to a certain elaborately shaped Rococo Revival style tea service. Today I have the real thing: a very large tea service made by Rockingham in the 1840s. ⁠

Rockingham was the pride of Yorkshire, and although a relative latecomer to the production of porcelain, they quickly caught up with the Staffordshire factories and created very high quality wares that became a favourite of King William IV. He ordered a large dinner service with them that took 600 people six years to complete - and that ultimately ruined the factory because it took too many resources away from daily sales. By the time that dinner service was finished the King had died so Queen Victoria used it instead for her inauguration dinner. ⁠

This tea service was made at the time that people were very much into entertaining at home, and every good lady of means woul