Cobalt Blue!

One of the most popular designs in my collection is one that was very desired in the 1820s: a cobalt blue ground, gilt decorations and beautiful hand painted flowers. It went a bit out of fashion in the mid-19th Century, but then there was a revival in the late 19th Century.

My customers keep asking for more of these items. They are timeless, very classy, but also very personal; each flower painter had his or her own style, and there is endless variety in how these items were made.

So it is little wonder then that my shop is full of these items! And today I am putting them in the spotlight.

In the early 19th Century, dinner and tea was had in candle light, as it was before the days of electricity or gas light. Days can be short in the long winters of Northern England, so even if you had tea at 4pm, you'd need candles to light the room. And you can imagine how the candle light would flicker, and be reflected by the beautiful gilt decorations - that was part of the purpose of them. The other part is, of course, to show off one's wealth!

Today these items are still very popular. Many disappear from the shop as soon as I have uploaded them, but there are some in the shop right now, as well as many other treasures.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and see you next week!

This week's new treasures:​

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