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Avocado toast 😉🍈

Many jokes are made these days about the "avocado generation", i.e. millennials who love avocado toast and (very sensibly, in my eyes) turn away from meat and dairy consumption at levels that destroy our planet. And to be honest, even though I am not a millennial, I have joined them in that... so imagine my thrill when I found this amazing Spode dessert service in avocado green!

The service is made of creamware, which is a very light earthenware that is strong but softer than porcelain or stoneware. It has this amazing avocado green ground (even though in the year 1814, in of shortly after which this service was made, nobody in England had ever seen an avocado) with a Chinoiserie pattern transfer printed in underglaze blue, and very bright, almost fluorescent overglaze enamel decorations. The pattern is called the "Willis" pattern and is a beautiful imitation of Chinese patterns from the 18th Century.

Several things make this service very rare and special: of course the avocado green colour, which is so unusual. Second, there is the sauce tureen with a lid and stood on a stand, including the perforated ladle. Usually these ladles have broken as they would have had a lot of use. This one is a little worn, like the rest of the service, but has no damage at all. People often ask me what the sauce tureens are for, and here you can clearly see it: fruit compote! The ladle is to fish the fruits out of the sauce.

Another thing I love about this service is that yes, it is a bit worn, but it has no damage whatsoever. It clearly has been treasured and used for many years, washed up with the greatest care after every use - it is not one of those that have been on display in some forgotten room in a large house.

This service could be yours, and you can find it here in my shop, and you can see all my dessert services here. If you always want to see the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story every single day!

Happy weekend, and have some avocado toast! 😁🍈


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