What we can hear in the silence

Have you noticed how silent the world has gone? The large metropolis of London, for instance, usually has a 24-hour roar over it that has suddenly gone very quiet. No planes, very little traffic. In a world that is full of tears, anxiety and suffering, we are enjoying clean air and... bird song! I am lucky enough to have a garden, and the bird song has been deafening at times. I found myself looking up the different songs online so I can distinguish them; something I learned as a child but then largely forgot as you can't hear much in London. It is such a joy to rediscover the birds! Someone who knew a lot about birds was Joseph Smith, a porcelain painter in the 19th Century who became very

Dressing up

This little boy piper is spreading the good news: as a result of last week's appeal to buy while I would donate 10% of sales to my local food bank I have been able to donate £65 - thank you everyone who contributed! 🙏 In this time of working from home there are many jokes about how we dress - or not. Stories of people accidentally revealing their pyjama bottoms when standing up during a conference call, and people working in their jammies all day 😊 So I thought to upgrade our sense of fashion a bit with today's offering of porcelain! Today we have one of my favourite porcelain figures: a shepherd boy piper made by the Bow Porcelain factory in about 1755. The boy looks wonderfully innocent

There is always more to give

Happy Easter! This feels like a strange thing to say in the middle of a global emergency, but the more we realise the fragility of life, the more we should appreciate the beauty that we have. So today I am offering you a way to give, because there is always more to give - again something I realise more as things become more difficult. The last few weeks, and for some of you months, have been difficult. Being locked up at home, far away from your loved ones, is difficult. Running a small business in times of economic chaos is difficult. And hearing the incessant news of death and hardship for so many, is really difficult. This Easter, today and tomorrow, I will donate 10% of every purchase t

La Vie en Rose

UPDATE - Thanks to the tireless research of Angela Grant I was made aware that, although right on the cusp of the changeover from Ridgway to Brown, Westhead & Moore, this service was made by Ridgway & Bates! If you are interested to see Angela's terrific research, which is a work in progress and gets added to every week, you can find her here: http://ridgwaypatternbook.org.uk/ I did not adjust the text of this blog post, but please note that my identification was revealed to be wrong... and you know what? I love being proven wrong, because it means we are learning new things! 😄🤓 Keep it coming, porcelain researchers! As we are all feeling a little scared and worried these days, we can do

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