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There is always more to give

Happy Easter! This feels like a strange thing to say in the middle of a global emergency, but the more we realise the fragility of life, the more we should appreciate the beauty that we have. So today I am offering you a way to give, because there is always more to give - again something I realise more as things become more difficult.

The last few weeks, and for some of you months, have been difficult. Being locked up at home, far away from your loved ones, is difficult. Running a small business in times of economic chaos is difficult. And hearing the incessant news of death and hardship for so many, is really difficult.

This Easter, today and tomorrow, I will donate 10% of every purchase to my local food bank in North London. I have seen the continuous growth of the queue in the street, and in the UK, one of the richest countries in the world, about 1.5 million people go hungry because of the sudden impact of the global pandemic. So while the world news is depressing, I decided to apply my efforts locally - because there is always more to give.

Will you help me?

It will do three things: it will give some much-needed beans and pasta to a family in need; it will help my small business come through this period; and of course, importantly, it will give you a beautiful piece of porcelain to be enjoyed at home!

And yes, I ship worldwide - there are only very few countries that are currently not able to receive shipments but if that is the case, I am happy to wait with shipping your parcel until routes have opened up again.

So you may ask, what are these pictures? They are the ones I posted on Instagram in the last week. There has been a #morningsaucerchallenge among many antique dealers and collectors, and it has become a wonderful feast of saucers, cheer and encouragement in a time when most of the world lives under lockdown. You can find the whole challenge here.

You can find all my porcelain here in my shop, and if you always want to see the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story every single day 💗💕💖⁠

Happy Easter - and #stayathome ! 🏡


This week's new treasures:​



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