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This last month has been full of great sporting tournaments: the European football title, the Wimbledon tennis tournament, and of course the Tour de France, an epic cycling race all around France. Earlier this week the cyclists went past the city of Toulouse in the south of France, so I thought it fitting to show our very own Tour de France in porcelain: a set of Coalport plates from 1844 that are attributed to a painter called John Toulouse.

Toulouse was a painter at the Coalport factory in the 1840s and although we don't know very much about him, it is thought that he was of French descent (from Toulouse) and brought French porcelain painting skills with him when he settled in England. His flowers are distinctive; although this particular style was fashionable at the time, there is a fine precision and formality about his flowers that does remind you of the great Paris decoration studios of the time.

I've had one set before and am thrilled to be able to offer four more plates. And because they are so iconic together, I will sell them together - you can find them in my shop here.

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Happy weekend, and enjoy the great summer tournaments! 🚴🏻⚽️🏸


This week's new treasures:​



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