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The Story of British Porcelain

Are you confused about the history of British porcelain? You are not the only one, as it is such a complex field! I have shelves of excellent books on British porcelain, but none of them give me a clear overview of this very confusing and unwieldy topic. Currently, anyone who wants to get an overview of British porcelain will need years of study.

So I was thrilled when the magazine Homes & Antiques approached me to write a monthly column, as I realised that this was the perfect opportunity to try and bring some clarity. I cannot claim that I can get anywhere near a "full" story, nor that I will be right about absolutely everything - but hopefully I'll be able to paint an overall picture that is educational and entertaining, and that gives plenty of interesting angles that can set you off on your own journey of discovery!

We've started this journey with an interview in the April issue (which came out in early March), and this month's May issue (yes I know, magazines always come out 1 month early) you can read the first episode. These features are not available online yet so you'll have to buy a copy, or why not subscribe to this wonderful magazine that has recently taken on several interesting new writers.

Have a read and keep following me if you want to find out more about the story of British porcelain!

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The spring has inspired me to upload many new items to my shop; you can find them here. And if you always want to know about the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story every single day.

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Happy weekend, and find yourself a Homes & Antiques! ✏️📚📖


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