The spirit of invention

This month you can read my latest column in Homes & Antiques: The Spirit of Invention. I am writing about the very beginnings of porcelain in Britain in the 1740s. Although Britain was a bit late to the game - the continental Europeans had been at it for several decades - they made up for that with a wave of creative invention, tinkering and experimentation. Much of that was driven by immigrants from France and Belgium, who brought the continental porcelain secrets with them.

Starting to write up a narrative of British porcelain is a truly wonderful journey - I hope it is for the reader as well! I have had many responses and thank you for all your kind words and suggestions. There is always more to learn and some are making their own vast knowledge available, which I really welcome. And in case you are wondering where and when I do the writing... my favourite time is very early in the morning, with the morning light falling onto the table and a fresh cup of coffee. Here you see my little writing corner while I was away on a weekend trip to Somerset, to the wonderful "The Great House" (check them out! if you need a refuge, this place is it). Th