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The spirit of invention

This month you can read my latest column in Homes & Antiques: The Spirit of Invention. I am writing about the very beginnings of porcelain in Britain in the 1740s. Although Britain was a bit late to the game - the continental Europeans had been at it for several decades - they made up for that with a wave of creative invention, tinkering and experimentation. Much of that was driven by immigrants from France and Belgium, who brought the continental porcelain secrets with them.

Starting to write up a narrative of British porcelain is a truly wonderful journey - I hope it is for the reader as well! I have had many responses and thank you for all your kind words and suggestions. There is always more to learn and some are making their own vast knowledge available, which I really welcome. And in case you are wondering where and when I do the writing... my favourite time is very early in the morning, with the morning light falling onto the table and a fresh cup of coffee. Here you see my little writing corner while I was away on a weekend trip to Somerset, to the wonderful "The Great House" (check them out! if you need a refuge, this place is it). The gazebo in my garden is another favourite place - although I risk getting distracted by my resident fox, who might come along for a play and some snacks.

If you want to read more, you can order a special issue of Homes & Antiques dedicated to collectors and collecting. The issue celebrates this universal compulsion, meeting six collectors (one of them myself) whose passions range from antique porcelain to typewriters via vintage garden tools, taxidermy and jelly moulds. It also features five exquisite homes, each beautiful in their way; from a chateau in the Loire to a Georgian manor in Somerset. Plus, a Spitalfields sale and the regular popular coverage of fairs and auctions.

And if you want to read my columns, subscribe to the magazine, you can get it delivered all over the world.

Where to find things

I keep adding new additions to my shop every week and you can find them here. This week I have a number of single items, you can see them below - but keep looking as in the next few weeks I will be bringing out some quite spectacular sets again. If you always want to see the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story every single day.

Free Copy of Homes & Antiques

Order your free copy here! It will have an interview with myself alongside 5 other collectors.

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Happy weekend, and have some tea, cake and a good read! 📚☕️🍰


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