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The mystery collector

It's time for a new feature in Homes & Antiques, and this time I am writing about someone I have presented to you earlier last year: the porcelain collector Murray Pollinger. A large part of his collection is currently for sale in my shop, and have written extensively about both him and his porcelain. This week I am showing you the feature I wrote for Homes & Antiques, which also has some helpful tips for beginning collectors.

Murray Pollinger built up a unique and extensive collection of porcelain over several decades. He fell in love with porcelain of the Samuel Alcock factory, about which very little was known at the time. Even the most well known experts mis-attributed his porcelain in their books, creating untold confusion. In fact, it was Murray who started to research Alcock in depth, and made some important progress in our understanding of this important but little-understood factory.

Samuel Alcock left behind no documentation, and most porcelain was not marked. To make things worse, the pattern numbering system seemed completely impossible to understand. As a result, most of his porcelain got forgotten and attributed to other factories. But through his painstaking research, Murray managed to decipher the pattern numbering system, making it possible, finally, to identify many shapes and patterns that previously weren't known to be Samuel Alcock.

There is also a very interesting story about how I came across this important collector... and to read more about that, head to my website where you can read this amazing story. Or if you want to subscribe to the magazine, you find out below how to subscribe.

This week, to celebrate the beautiful porcelain of this important maker, and to clear the shelves a bit for the next batch of Murray's collection, I have put all Samuel Alcock porcelain on sale with 25% off. Head to the website here and snatch up those pieces you've been looking at!

To read the feature in Homes & Antiques

For a discounted subscription, head to Homes & Antiques, a magazine I regularly write for. You can get a discounted subscription and order a free copy here. The magazine is delivered all over the world but you can also get a digital subscription.

Where to find things

You can find information about Murray Pollinger here, and the sale here. You can find all my available stock here. If you always want to see the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story several times a week.

Happy weekend, and enjoy the story (and the sale)!


A small pick of this week's sale:​



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