Neoclassicism and the Grand Tour

This month in my column in Homes & Antiques I follow up from last month's look into the Rococo style, and move on to the next: Neoclassicism.

The emergence of this style happened fast and it became a huge hit, and it is very interesting to look into what sparked it, and why, and exactly what historical, or in other words, classical styles it was inspired by... and as always, it's not all straightforward and full of surprising facts.

You'll find young travellers who took a gap year, called a "Grand Tour' at the time; 19th Century northern European gentlemen choosing Roman copies of Greek art according to their personal taste and calling them with absolute certainty "historical", ambitious people reading Plato and Aristotle to educate themselves so that they can find a suitable partner and move up a social class or two, and of course all of this resulted in lots and lots of beautiful porcelain.

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