Meet the Celebrities

In my monthly column in Homes & Antiques I have been writing about the emergence of the British porcelain industry and how the great factories in London, Derby and Worcester established themselves in the late 18th Century.

Detail of Derby dish painted by John Brewer, ca 1795

Once these giants had created a huge market for British porcelain, it was time for their artists to shine. While previously decorators had worked in the shadow of the artistic genius of the factory founders, gradually they started to develop their own individual styles. And as the Derby and Worcester factories were run by astute business leaders who understood that their brands depended on the talent of their best artists, some decorators were given more freedom to shine.

And with this, a new generation of well-known artists emerged - I call them the celebrity artists! In this month's column I am writing about a handful of these wonderful painters (and there will be more next month). You can read all about it in Homes & Antiques.