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Liverpool's best kept secret

Liverpool has a secret. I write about it in my latest column in Homes & Antiques: the Herculaneum Pottery, which emerged in the early 19th Century and made some of Britain's most beautiful Neoclassical porcelain, as well as a huge quantity of useful items made of earthenware.

These pieces are probably all over the world but often not recognised as Herculaneum did not mark its porcelain, and the excellent pieces are usually mis-attributed to other, more famous factories.

Herculaneum is also an interesting story of genius, passion, and eventual demise because time got the better of it - and the insufficient accounting system that was designed for a mine, not a factory, and therefore could not give the owners the vital cost information they needed. Every business owner knows how important it is where your finances are at, and it was not any different in the 1830s.

You can read the full story in my latest column, and if you like you can make use of this offer to get a subscription at a discount.

It's the season for gifts... 🎁

I am currently putting up lots of wonderful small gifts, as it's the season now! Have a look at our special page of gifts here. We ship by DHL, which currently is the fastest and most reliable service, so if you order before December 1st you can be sure that your treasures will arrive in time, no matter where you are in the world.

Where to find things

At the moment I have no Herculaneum pieces in my collection, which goes to show how rare these items are... but you can find all my available stock here. If you always want to see the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story regularly.

Come see me in Birmingham!

I will be standing at stand D27 at the NEC in Birmingham next week between 24 and 27 November. I'll love to see you there! I will be bringing a lot of wonderful stock so if you are in the mood for buying you can find plenty of treasures - and many of my porcelain colleagues will be there as well. The Birmingham fair is often called the Porcelain Paradise as it's the best fair for antique porcelain in Britain. There is a complimentary invitation below that you can print off.

And... if you are not able to come, do check my instagram account as I will post some videos of my shelves so you can snap up some treasures as if you were visiting in person!

Wish List ❤️

Don't forget, you can now create your own profile on the site and keep a wish list. Click on the Log In icon at the top right of each page.

Happy weekend, and I hope to meet you at the fair!


This week's new treasures - these will be available at the NEC fair!



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