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Etruscan elegance

To me, nothing is as uplifting as spending time around a beautiful table with friends and loved ones... well today I have a really gorgeous table for you.⁠

This fantastic set of dessert plates and dishes was made by Derby between about 1815 and 1820 and it was made in the neo-classical style. This style was inspired by the excavations of the Classical and pre-Classical treasures in southern Europe. This particular pattern looks very much like the gracious Etruscan style with its elegant rythm of geometric details interspersed with floral sprigs, all in gilt and delicate colours. You can't think of a better way to bring sophistication, grace and beauty to your table!⁠

I've written about the Etruscan influence before, and I will do here again... The Etruscan culture ran from about 900 BC to 27 BC, by which time it had been fully incorporated into Roman culture. Of course that incorporation didn't happen overnight, and Greek, Roman and Etruscan art are closely interconnected. The Etruscans made, for instance, beautiful pots, but the vases and urns were often imported from Greece and then decorated in the Etruscan manner, which tends to be more playful than the Greek manner.

One give-away of the Etruscan style is the combination of strong geometric patterns (like the diamond-shaped gilt flower pots) set against playful and gracious foliage, here in the form of pale purple tulip-like flowers. If you love Italy for its bold design, beautiful food and pleasing climate - well that's the feeling of Etruscan art.

The wonderful thing about a dessert set like this is that it is stunning on display, but also perfect for careful use at special occasions. These things were made for use... so why not enjoy it?⁠

This gorgeous set is for sale in my shop, as well as a set of four plates and two separate ones. We ship securely all over the world!

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Happy weekend, and set yourself a beautiful table! 🏺🍽🏺⁠


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