Desk gadget from 1902

Remember the good old days before email, when you needed to write a letter on paper, stick it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and then walk to the mailbox in the street to post it? And then wait for a few weeks to get a reply?⁠

It seems a long time ago now but this was, at some point, very modern. So modern that a distinguished gentleman would need a stamp box on his desk to show his modernity and efficiency in doing business. And if you were very important, well then you needed a really important stamp box.⁠

This stamp box was made by Royal Worcester in 1902 and in the documentation it is called "Royal Stamp Box", suggesting it was designed for King Edward. ⁠

You see, Queen Victoria, who was perhaps the most well-loved queen in history and had been on the throne since 1837, died in 1901. It must have been rather terrifying for her son Edward to take over and fill the huge gap this phenomenally powerful woman left behind. And what better way for a man to give himself some confidence than to have a killer gadget on his desk?⁠