An Ode to Fruit

While the world has been fighting a bug, I am fighting off my own passing cold with lots and lots of fruit. Which is a nice coincidence with my latest finds...

Recently I came across several Coalport plates painted by Jabey Aston, one of Coalport's most celebrated painters. Aston worked for Coalport his whole adult life and he specialised in fruits, turning out huge numbers of wonderful pieces. These paintings are pieces of art in their own right - but thy are often put onto dessert plates, vases and other items of the most unbelievable quality, so I thought to show you a few!

It also made me contemplate the value of fruit, something we often take for granted. We now consider it normal to have whatever fruit we like at whatever time of year. I've been eating locally-grown blueberries all winter, something that was unthinkable even 20 years ago.