A lasting legacy

It's that time of the month - my next column in Homes & Antiques has come out, and this time it is about a revolutionary man who changed the course of Staffordshire, and, in some way, probably the world: Josiah Wedgwood.

credit: Sothebys

I have not traded a lot of Wedgwood items in my career as a porcelain trader, but am now thinking I probably should! Not only made Wedgwood many amazing items in various forms of china, the man Josiah himself was an extraordinary person who changed a lot in the world around him.

He had strong principles; he was an abolitionist, campaigning against slavery by selling countless medallions as you can see in the image slider above, he built a village for his workers and doted on his family. But he was also fascinated by science, greatly improving the way china factories functioned by inventing or using new technology. And perhaps most importantly, he was the main backer for a new canal that connected Staffordshire to the worl