Of cherubs and bats

[click the < arrows > to slide!] After some time away, it is refreshing to be back in my stock room and clear out some items that have been waiting to be highlighted. So Today something that is not up to my usual standard, but entirely adorable: a set of plates made by Minton in 1863. It is worn and beaten up and has a wonderful staple repair, but I could not resist it when I found it - and I believe it deserves to be seen! In the early 19th Century "bat printing" became a popular way to decorate porcelain. Now if you think that has something to do with bats (the animals) - it does not! It stands for the particular way transfer prints were generally only done for about 10 years, roughly betw

Crazy and rich!

The last time I had items in this "Rich Imari" or "Crazy Japan" pattern I confused two very similar patterns, so now that I have a cup in this pattern again, I am taking the opportunity to set the record straight - and thank you to one of my faithful Instagram followers for sharing their expertise with me - I love learning from my followers! The Prince Regent was the son of King George III, who was mentally ill and not fit to reign. Not that his sons were much fitter - but they did manage to oversee a good number of wars, huge industrial development and the building of some lavish and highly unnecessary palaces. For his splendid summer pavilion in Brighton, on the south coast of England, wit

The home makes the person

These two vases with covers are a sublime piece of artistry. They were made by Royal Worcester in 1907. The late Victorians and Edwardians really loved their vases and I have shown several lately (and some more to come!). They were meant to be centre pieces in the interiors of beautiful homes, showing off the owner's wealth but also refining people's taste. The Victorians had a keen sense that the home would make the person, and therefore it was essential to create beautiful interiors. In the Edwardian time, shortly before WWI changed the world forever, this was at its peak. These vases were not only potted and gilded superbly, they were painted with beautiful flowers and fruits by the famou

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