Crazy and rich!

The last time I had items in this "Rich Imari" or "Crazy Japan" pattern I confused two very similar patterns, so now that I have a cup in this pattern again, I am taking the opportunity to set the record straight - and thank you to one of my faithful Instagram followers for sharing their expertise with me - I love learning from my followers!

The Prince Regent was the son of King George III, who was mentally ill and not fit to reign. Not that his sons were much fitter - but they did manage to oversee a good number of wars, huge industrial development and the building of some lavish and highly unnecessary palaces. For his splendid summer pavilion in Brighton, on the south coast of England, with its outlandish pretend-Indian architecture in charming but bad colonial taste, he commissioned an outrageously decorated dinner and tea service with Barr Flight & Barr in Worcester.