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The home makes the person

These two vases with covers are a sublime piece of artistry. They were made by Royal Worcester in 1907. The late Victorians and Edwardians really loved their vases and I have shown several lately (and some more to come!). They were meant to be centre pieces in the interiors of beautiful homes, showing off the owner's wealth but also refining people's taste.

The Victorians had a keen sense that the home would make the person, and therefore it was essential to create beautiful interiors. In the Edwardian time, shortly before WWI changed the world forever, this was at its peak.

These vases were not only potted and gilded superbly, they were painted with beautiful flowers and fruits by the famous painter William Hawkins, who was one of the most celebrated artists at Royal Worcester and worked for Royal Worcester his entire adult life, from 1874 to 1928.

Hawkins was not only one of their top artists, but also the foreman of the men painters' department. He was known to be an excellent educator and trained generations of talented painters, being much loved for being a kind and helpful tutor. In his free time he was a keen sportsman, as well as painting local landscapes on little pieces of ivory. Items painted by Hawkins are collectors' items because of the high complexity of his use of colours (which was difficult to achieve, given that each colour had to be fired separately!) and the freedom of his artistry.

You can find these stunners, and other items, in my shop . If you always want to see the latest, follow my instagram feed... I post pictures and stories every single day.

And oh, did you wonder where my videos went? I will make new ones, promise... but I've been too busy releasing all this wonderful new stock!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend - it will be the last of the summer bliss before the new season starts!


This week's new treasures:​



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