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When Henry saw green

As I am on my annual break this week, I am repeating a blog that was very popular last November... the set described here is still available, and I hope you enjoy the story once more.

You may know that I like collecting pieces from H & R Daniel, the rather short-lived factory headed up by Henry Daniel and his son between 1822 and 1846. Henry Daniel was the Spode art director before opening his own factory, and even while still at Spode he was responsible for some of the most beautiful porcelain designs ever made.⁠

As I live in a small London flat, space is running out so I am reluctantly letting go of some treasures... creating an opportunity for the Daniel lovers out there.

Today a set of stunning dessert plates and dishes made by H&R Daniel from about 1830. Henry Daniel must have seen green the day he made this. And it's not just any old green; this is a beautiful bright sage green that is typical for Henry Daniel, who was a genius at coming up with new colours. These colours were very difficult to make at the time. And the flowers... well, do I need to say how gorgeous they are? They've been painted by a top painter. We don't know who but it is possible that is was one of the painters who had become available after the Welsh factories collapsed, or otherwise someone trained in that tradition.⁠

As is often the case with Daniel items, all pieces are crazed and there are some lines coming off the rims, however the items are stable although probably not great for liquid food as that could discolour the crazed surface.

So what about the crazing? Daniel's porcelain came in different qualities, and this particular shape was often used with slightly softer porcelain that developed some more problems later on - it is likely that a compromise was made in the porcelain recipe to keep costs low for some customers. But do we mind? The fact is that these dishes made it to someone's table, and obviously have been happily used for many years. I always say the great thing about worn porcelain is that you're less afraid to use it.

Where to find things

You can find all my dessert services here, and all my available stock is here. If you always want to see the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story several times a week.

Happy weekend, and it's OK to see green sometimes! 💚💚💚


My available H&R Daniel treasures:​



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