We can always dream!

These days many of us have to do the holidays in very small gatherings of two or three... but we can always dream of a full dinner table! And with the end of the pandemic in sight, we can plan for a wonderful Easter. So this week I am bringing together all the wonderful dessert services that currently reside in my stock room (and there are more than the nine in this picture). I love each and every one of them, in all their different ways. I stock dessert services that I truly love, and obviously my customers do as well as they are popular. I also try to have a range of prices so they don't all have to cost the world.

And when I say "all dessert services" that is only partly true, as I actually have more in the pipeline. To make these services ready for sale takes a lot of work. I source them, get them shipped, unpack them carefully, wash them even more carefully, check each and every piece, consider whether any repairs are necessary or desirable (and if yes, get them repaired)