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Turn your plate!

I got lots of interest in last week's wonderful red Coalport dessert service; it nearly got sold but then didn't, so it's still available... but today I have a next wonderful service, and to celebrate this glorious summer we're keeping with red, and we're keeping with flowers!

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to show this stunning service made by Derby between 1795 and 1800. It was most likely decorated by John Brewer - we can't tell for sure though because the pages of the pattern book covering this pattern (no. 313) have disappeared so there is no record. But the style seems right.

Dessert services were of course the best way to show off your wealth and sophistication to your guests, and this is a beautiful late Georgian shape full of elegance - look at the shape of the sauce tureen, and the wonderful kidney shaped dishes!

John Brewer worked for Derby from 1795 until his untimely death in 1816. He had already made a name for himself as a watercolourist when he came to Derby together with his brother Robert, picking up the very different technique of porcelain painting quickly. He was known for very fine landscapes and, like here, botanical services. These flowers aren't just "nice decorations"; they fulfill the hunger for precision that was fashionable in this time of rising science and botanism. I love the yellow amaryllis with the bulb attached - the detail is stunning. And have you ever taken the trouble to look at the humble sweat pea in this detail?

You can just imagine the guests trying to guess the names of the plants, doing a fair bit of arguing over it while they finish their plate, and turning them around to see the names painted on the back - perhaps they did sweepstakes? 😄

This service is not complete but it is still excellent for use and makes a stunning display. Needless to say, these services are increasingly rare as many are cruelly split up, porcelain traders trying to make more money on each item. I decided this one must stay together.

You can find it here in my shop, and you can see all my dinner and dessert services here. If you always want to see the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story every single day!

Happy weekend, and turn your plate around to see what's written on it! ❤️🌸🌼🍊


This week's new treasures:​



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