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The Thrill of Rococo

I am often asked about the different cultural movements that formed the backdrop of British porcelain designs. Are we talking about Rococo, Neoclassical, Rococo Revival... and where does Regency come in? What doesn't help is that these movements overlapped to some degree, and the British mixed them up in a wonderful way. So in my latest column in Homes & Antiques I am giving a little cultural update... this month it is Rococo.

The Rococo movement emerged in the 18th Century as a reaction to the much more serious and formal Baroque style. Rococo took place in a time when people yearned new freedoms and wrestled themselves away from the stranglehold of the Church, which had previously dominated artistic expression. It was also a time when many wealthy young members of the European nobility wanted a more lighthearted and fun life so they could escape the stifling rules of the court.

This month I write about the emergence of the Rococo movement in Britain. It all started in a coffee house, where the brightest and most artistic people of the time would meet for a daily exchange of their coffee-infused minds and inspire each other's work. You can read the full story in my latest column, and if you like you can make use of below offer to get a subscription at a discount.

Homes & Antiques Offer

For a discounted subscription, head to Homes & Antiques, it is a wonderful magazine and you will be able to catch my monthly column about British porcelain. You can get a discounted subscription and order a free copy here. The free issue contains an interview with myself and several other collectors. The magazine is delivered all over the world but you can also get a digital subscription.

NEW STOCK - and where to find things

Yes that's right - there is new stock! The first few items are up in the shop, and you will see more coming in the next few weeks. You can find all my available stock here. If you always want to see the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story regularly.

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Happy weekend, and make sure you have some fun in life! 🥳😜💞

A famous Rococo painting full of fun and forbidden pleasures: Fragonard's "The Swing" from 1760 (credit: Wallace Collection, Wikimedia)


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