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The talented Mr Daniel

It's that time of the month... I can reveal a new column at Homes & Antiques and this time it is about a porcelain maker who is close to my heart: Henry Daniel.

The name Henry Daniel is little-known outside a small circle of porcelain collectors. Having been the man responsible for all the best Spode designs since about 1805, Henry Daniel started his own factory with his son in 1822. The factory didn't last that long; it closed in 1846.

As none of the wares were marked, the name Henry Daniel was soon forgotten. It wasn't until the 1960s that people started to realise the genius of the beautiful Daniel designs, and the picture then slowly emerged.

Personally, I love collection Daniel pieces and I have a cabinet full of beautiful teaware, vases and plates that I won't sell. But I've also started to place a few items in my shop, as there is always demand for these rare and beautiful items.

You can read all about the story of Henry Daniel in my column - and just like the teaware, it is colourful!

To read the column in Homes & Antiques

For a discounted subscription, head to Homes & Antiques, it is a wonderful magazine and you will be able to catch my monthly column about British porcelain. You can get a discounted subscription and order a free copy here. The free issue contains an interview with myself and several other collectors. The magazine is delivered all over the world but you can also get a digital subscription.

Making creative use of my Daniel collection

Where to find stock

You can find my H&R Daniel pieces here, and you can find all my available items here. If you want to stay up to date with new additions, find me on Instagram, where I put up pictures with a story several times a week.

Happy weekend!

Some H&R Daniel plates in my kitchen


Some beautiful H&R Daniel pieces:​



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