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The joy of a good fair

I have been a little quiet online, but that's because last week I was standing at one of Britain's biggest antiques fairs, the Art & Antiques for Everyone Fair at the NEC in Birmingham. This fair is sometimes called the "Porcelain Paradise" as there are usually a lot of porcelain dealers. Four days of meeting countless porcelain enthusiasts and seeing lots of my excellent colleagues has left me exhausted but satisfied - it was fantastic to see so much beauty in one space, and meet so many interesting people.

One particular joy was that Judith Miller of Antiques Road Show fame, was my neighbour and held two talks about treasures she found on my stand - you can see her in the pictures with my tiny little Bow coffee cup from 1756.

So this week no particular stories - I am travelling on another adventure with very little time for my online presence. And upon my return home a huge mess of boxes with porcelain awaits me in my stockroom! So enjoy these pictures, and if I didn't see you at the fair perhaps I will see you next time. You can find many reels on my instagram account - enjoy.

It's the season of gifts 🎁

Do you need holiday gifts? I've made a special page with small gifts here. There is still time to ship in the next week or two, and obviously after that but it will be a bit more hit and miss whether things will arrive before Christmas.

Where to find things

You can find all my available stock is here. If you always want to see the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story several times a week.

Wish List ❤️

Don't forget, you can now create your own profile on the site and keep a wish list. Click on the Log In icon at the top right of each page.

Happy weekend! 🏺🏺🏺


This week no new treasures... next week I'll have some again!



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