Summer Hike

What better to do on a muggy summer day than to go on a hike in the countryside?

But if you struggle to get out, I know a way to see the most beautiful spots all over the United Kingdom without having to go very far... This very fine dessert service has stunning landscape paintings on each item, made by the famous painter George B. Johnson. The service was made by Royal Worcester in the year 1912.

This is a rare piece of artistry; it has a beautifully muted dark blue "powdered" ground, elegant lobed shapes and the centre of each piece is decorated with a unique landscape in equally muted colours. This style of landscape painting was called "Chamberlain-style", because it was first made popular by the Chamberlain Worcester factory in the very early 19th Century. As the Chamberlain factory got absorbed into the Royal Worcester factory, the skills remained so this style of landscape painting was continued well into the 20th Century.