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Cooke's flowers

The Coalport factory made a huge variety of styles and items, but one thing they really excelled at was flower paintings. Thanks to John Rose, the founder of the factory, who patiently cultivated a large team of exceptionally talented painters, the flower painting tradition at Coalport became very strong and it was therefore always an attractive factory to work for - as an artist you could be sure there would be plenty of interesting work.

One of the best painters was William Cooke, sometimes written Cook, who started working at Coalport in 1843 and worked there until his death in 1876. Cooke was famous for his flowers and fruits, and often worked together with the famous bird painter John Randall.

I have seen many fantastic items painted by Cooke, and currently have a few plates by him with very succulent fruits. But this vase is by far the most amazing one I've seen from this excellent artist. The quality of the flowers is stunning and there is simply no end to the variety of flower species he managed to squeeze into this masterpiece - I keep discovering more of them, and they are all flowers that you can find in a good English garden.

This stunning vase was made between 1851 and 1861. There is another vase in the same shape, also painted by Cooke, in the V&A Museum - but this one is much, much more elaborate and stunning. It is in perfect condition, too - which is rare as usually these items have some repairs or rubbing.

So enjoy these stunning pictures - and if you are interested in purchasing it, yes it is for sale! You can find it here.

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Happy weekend, and enjoy the flowers 🌸🌷🌼


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