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To dine like an Emperor

This beautiful meat platter is already on its way to a happy customer, but there is an interesting story with it - and it is a gorgeous platter that deserves to be shown! And someone is going to be dining like an emperor - quite literally 👑🍽️⁠

This very striking meat platter is historically important; you will notice the armorial detail in the centre. It is the Collar and Medallion of the Imperial Brazilian Order of the Rose with the motto "Amor e Fidelidad", which means 'Love and Loyalty". ⁠

The Imperial Order of the Rose is a Brazilian Order of Chivalry instituted by the Emperor Pedro I of Brazil in 1829 to commemorate his marriage to Princess Amelie of Leuchtenberg. It awarded special status and medals to individuals who had given services to the state. Pedro I instituted it when several servants saved the lives of himself and the new Empress during an accident in their horse drawn carriage and these servants were the first to receive the awards.

But in spite of its beautiful motto, the awards haven't always taken place in an environment of Love and Loyalty; when the Brazilian state deposed the Royal Family in 1889 the order continued as a "house order". Next, it got even more complicated; since that time two surviving factions of royal descendants now dispute the right to be the bearers of the Order. In spite of all this friction the order still continues today and it counts many famous people, Brazilian and otherwise, among its recipients.⁠

A large dinner service must have been either purchased or given to the Royal Family not long after the establishment of this order. The platter is marked with the puce printed Chamberlain's Worcester mark including the pre-Victorian British Royal Arms. Although the platter itself is of a style from the 1820s, the fact that the Imperial Order of the Rose was constituted in 1829 and the pre-Victorian Royal Arms were only used until 1837 leads us to believe this platter was decorated some time between 1829 and 1837; possibly for the inauguration of the Order in 1829.⁠

You missed out on this one already... but there are lots of other treasures in my shop! You can find all my available items here in my shop. If you always want to see the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story every single day.

Happy weekend, and if you want to feel rich, dine like an Emperor! 🤴🏻🍽👸


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