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Say it with Porcelain

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The holidays are coming up fast - and if you don't know what exactly to give, or you don't trust the mail services in the month of December, or you simply ran out of time, here is a welcome solution: the gift card!

Gentle Rattle of China now offers personalised gift cards. You can send them electronically or you can opt for a custom-made one that you can print out and present like a proper paper voucher - the choice is yours.

The expiration date on these vouchers is one year, so if your loved one is a porcelain collector, she or he has plenty of time to find the right item in the shop - or, like many customers do, ask me to find a specific piece.

I ship securely all over the world, and if desired I can hold onto orders until the December-madness has calmed down... although mostly, December orders arrive just fine.

So if you need a very special gift for a special person, buy your voucher now!

You can of course also find all sorts of porcelain treasures in my shop, and because of the holidays I have brought out lots of new items... see below, and they are selling fast! 🎄🕎🎅🏽🎁

If you always want to see the latest, follow my instagram feed... I post pictures and stories every single day.

Enjoy your weekend!


This week's new treasures:​



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