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How to get your 5-a-day

Are you in need of some vitamins? Charles Ferdinand Hürten knew his fruits, and will provide you with a healthy 5 per day!

Above you see a wonderful large earthenware charger made by Copeland in 1890, and painted and signed by C. F. Hürten.

Hürten was a German porcelain painter who worked at the French Sevres factory. William Taylor Copeland, who owned the Copeland (previously Spode) factory in England, spent 2 years convincing him to move to England and work for him. Once he did (on a handsome salary and all family expenses paid for, rather than the usual fee per piece), he brought great fame and riches to the Copeland factory.

Hürten was an extraordinarily talented painter of flowers and fruits and was very celebrated even in his own time. He reported directly to the Copeland family rather than to the Art Director, and was the first painter at Copeland to be allowed to always sign his work, making his items instant collectors' items. Today these items fetch high prices at auctions and there are very few around.

This gorgeous charger is one of Hürten's later pieces, from 1890 shortly before he retired at the ripe old age of 85. The detail and realism, as well as artistic good taste, is stunning; I keep discovering new surprises. The charger is made of earthenware and has a rustic finish, adding to the realism of the fruits - you can smell them as they lie around on the work bench of the kitchen of a large farm house, waiting to be served at a succulent supper.

You can find this charger and many more treasures in my shop.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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