Back to Simplicity

This week I have brought out a series of items in simple designs - perhaps it is the lockdown that has inspired me to focus on simplicity. Even though I dearly miss seeing my family, the news brings endless sadness and at times I feel cabin fever, this is also a time of contemplation and appreciation of the simple things in life. So let's focus today on this adorable little creamware demitasse cup from the 1870s in the Aesthetic Movement style.

There is much confusion about what the Aesthetic Movement was - that is because it was different things to different forms of art. Essentially, it was a rebellion of artists and decorators against the pompous Victorian style as shown at the great exhibitions of the mid 19th Century. Art had become all about a display of wealth, status and politics, often in bad taste. So great artists such as Christopher Dresser, Owen Jones, William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones, Oscar Wilde and many others, started a new movement under the credo "art for art's sake" ; art had to be beautiful for its own sake, not to serve the owner in their social and political endeavours.