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A two-handled leaf shaped dish with white melted snow border on a periwinkle ground, and a beautifully painted bouquet of pink and white roses in the centre


There are several other items available in near-identical style, see separate listings.


Pattern 956

Year: ca 1823

Size: 28cm X 20.5cm (11” X 8”)

Condition:  some rubbing


The Samuel Alcock factory was operative in Staffordshire between 1822 and 1856, after which it was bought by Sir James Duke and Nephews. The factory started as a partnership between the young Samuel Alcock and the older Ralph Stevenson, who provided the factory and capital. Alcock quickly took the factory to great heights, building one of the biggest factories of its time. Alcock jumped on the new Rococo Revival fashion and served a huge new middle class market. The reason we now don't hear much about Samuel Alcock porcelain is that much of it has been mis-identified over the years and attributed to Coalport, Ridgway, Rockingham or others; Alcock did not mark any of his porcelain save a few rare pieces, and the numbering system is difficult to understand. However, the wares are still wide spread and many are of great quality.


This item forms part of the Murray Pollinger Collection of Samuel Alcock Porcelain. Most of the collection is not publicly available yet, but if you would like to get access to the first 100 lots, please sign u