Victorian Splendour

Last week I showed some stunning figures made by Minton, and today I have something else from the same factory that is of very high quality.

Minton was the British porcelain factory that most closely resembled the French Sevres factory - they saved cost nor effort to poach the best artists, designers and scientists from Sevres in order to create beautiful reproductions of their top quality work, and create their very own British style with it.

Antonin Boullemier was one of the artists Minton managed to hire. He had come to England in 1881 and within a few months found himself working for Minton, becoming one of their most celebrated painters. He was famous for romantic Victorian vignettes of cupids, children or women set in beautiful nature, as well as mythological subjects.

These two vases and a ewer (together called a "garniture") were made in 1891 and they show the amazing skill of the Minton artists; not only the paintings, but also the gilding, the perfect mazarine blue ground, and the fabulous mask at the bottom of the ewer handle. This garniture would have been created for a very wealthy Victorian home, and no doubt thee is someone else today who needs a stunning centre piece for their home... it would look fabulous either in a traditional or a modern setting.

You can find this impressive set in my shop, as well as many other treasures. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week!

this week's new treasures:​

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