The Boy with the Spotted Dog

Did you think that globalisation is something uniquely of our time? Think again!

This beautiful plate was made by Hilditch & Co in about 1820 in Staffordshire, England. It was made in the "Chinoiserie" tradition - that is the style that imitates Chinese designs often from the 18th Century or earlier. It was very popular in 19th Century England, and still is a collectors' item. And I certainly think it is a very pretty plate.

But it's also a very fascinating plate. There is a little family scene of a boy playing with his spotted dog, his mother fussing over him and a servant holding an umbrella to shield her from the sun (she must have been quite posh). The father is watching it all, smoking his pipe. Then when you look closer, you see elements that aren't so Chinese.

Yes, there is a pagoda and a little boat in the water, all looking very Chinese. But the pavilion the father is seated in - isn't that a Muslim crescent on top? And what about that very Dutch vase with flowers in the centre, isn't that very much like the 17th Century still lives from the Golden Age painters?

Watch my short video to find out more about how all this came about:

And if you're tempted, you can buy the plate in my shop!

And by the way - did you notice that the blog has been revamped with a new look? Welcome!

this week's new treasures:​

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