Meet Miranda and Lalage

I have been busy finding new stock, in case you have been wondering why there haven't been any videos lately! Today I have a treasure that is completely new to this collection: a very fine pair of Minton parian figures called Miranda and Lalage.

Minton, arguably the most sophisticated porcelain factory of 19th Century Britain, employed the sculptor John Bell. He already had a career of his own, exhibiting in prestigious places. Working for Minton meant that he could bring his works mainstream through mass production.

He modelled many popular figures, and here we have Miranda and Lalage.

Miranda means "worthy of admiration", and in Shakespeare's "The Tempest", Miranda is an innocent girl raised and educated on an isolated island by her magician father - and you can see that she is sitting here with her feet in the frothy sea, a big shell beside her.

The seated girl with the flower wreath and the little lizard at her feet is called Lalage. This is a Greek name and the Greek poet Horace wrote his famous love poem "Integer vitae" to a girl named Lalage.

These figures were made in 1872 and 1873 from parian porcelain in a mix of white and celadon. Celadon means that the green pigment was mixed with the porcelain - so these figures were not painted, but they are white and green all the way through. They are extraordinary and in perfect condition.

Their faces are not just beautiful - they are moving and alive. These two ladies radiate peace and wisdom. They would make a stunning display in any kind of interior design - modern or traditional.

You can find this lovely pair in my shop, as well as many other treasures. Have a beautiful weekend and see you next week!

this week's new treasures:​

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