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In pursuit of white gold

You may have noticed that recently I started to write for Homes & Antiques, one of the prime antiques magazines in Britain. And today I have an offer: you can download a free copy here, and if you want to read my monthly column about the history of British Porcelain, subscribe to this monthly magazine.

This special issue of Homes & Antiques is dedicated to collectors and collecting. The issue celebrates this universal compulsion, meeting six collectors whose passions range from antique porcelain to typewriters via vintage garden tools, taxidermy and jelly moulds. It also features five exquisite homes, each beautiful in their way; from a chateau in the Loire to a Georgian manor in Somerset. Plus, a Spitalfields sale and the regular popular coverage of fairs and auctions.

Following this collectors feature I started my monthly column in the May issue. I the first piece I explain why I will make the bold attempt to bring together the incredibly complex history of British porcelain. The second piece, in the June issue that is being released just this weekend, is the beginning of that journey. Of course it all starts in China 3000 years ago, and I'll be taking you through the "Chinese Export" era and the mad dash to discover European porcelain. Next month's June issue will take us through the early beginnings of British-made porcelain in the mid-18th Century.

It is an exciting journey to be on, and I hope I can take you along!

To celebrate the piece that came out just this weekend, I am presenting you with some Chinese Export items that I still have in stock - I have sold many, but there's still a nice variety left and a few more to come. You can see them below, as well as some other new stock.

Where to find things

Enjoy looking at the beautiful pieces below, and if you are interested in investing in one you can find them here in my shop. You can find all my Chinese Export items here, and If you always want to see the latest additions, follow me on Instagram... I post pictures and a story every single day.

Free Copy of Homes & Antiques

Order your free copy here! It will have an interview with myself alongside 5 other collectors.

Wish List ❤️

Don't forget, you can now create your own profile on the site and keep a wish list. Click on the Log In icon at the top right of each page.

Happy weekend, and have some tea, cake and a good read! 📚☕️🍰


This week's new treasures:​



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