Belleek again :-)

Yes, you are right to say that I am a little addicted to Belleek tea sets. I just think they are gorgeous, and I love the fact that they are so quirky.

My customers also love them - and that's why I am always hunting for either whole sets, or the parts that can make up a set. I often buy things here and there, then wait patiently - and then,

ta-da! Suddenly we have another beautiful cabaret set.

Sometimes they come to me all-in-one, like the beautiful green "Neptune" set I listed a few weeks ago - it came from a family that it had been passed down in ever since it was bought in the 1890s. Today I listed a pink "Tridacna" set. I don't know exactly where it came from, but the tea set came to me as one set, and then I was lucky enough to find a tray with it.

And I am not even mentioning the pink "Hexagon" set, which never even made it into the shop - it was sold before I even had a chance to list it!

Belleek cabaret set, pink Hexagon design 1891-1926

Belleek porcelain is different from most European porcelain; before the 1950s it was sourced locally in the Belleek area in County Fermanagh, in what is now Northern Ireland. You can read more about what makes this porcelain so special in this previous blog post.

For now, you can find these beautiful sets in my shop, as well as many other treasures. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week!

this week's new treasures:​

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