Bat, pluck and dust

It's a dark rainy spring morning here, and when picking a little cup for my morning coffee I was enamoured by the variously printed Spode cups from the first two decades of the 19th Century. Here, you see my favourite little coffee can with whippets ready to start the day, surrounded by two other sets. They are incredibly finely printed and today I will explain a bit about how these treasures were made.

Bat printing

The beautiful whippets and the set with the cute rabbits in the picture above were "bat printed". While we all know the ubiquitous transfer-printed Spode blue and white tableware, bat printed images are more rare. You can see that although these monochrome images were printed, they are very fine and emotionally touching images. This is typical of bat printing; it was often used for images of animals or mothers and children, that were meant to evoke an emotional connection.