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Spode stone china plates

Josiah Spode was the pioneer of industrialised transfer printing. Once he had perfected the underglaze blue printing that gave us the famous Willow pattern (and many more - see last week's post about the Bear Hunt), he also started printing on top of the glaze. These coloured "Chinoiserie" plates are printed in one colour on top of the glaze, and then the colours were filled in by hand. This way, it is a lot cheaper to produce a wonderfully colourful dinner service - you just need one skilled engraver for the plate that is the basis of the printed image, and then the rest can be filled in by less skilled people - often women and apprenticed children. Have a look below at the slide slow:

In the next few weeks I will be launching all these plates in my shop, and you can find the first one today. If you are interested in owning more, please contact me and I can send you the pictures and prices.

And I am telling you more about them in the video below:

Gift Cards

🎄Forgot your Santa duties? 🎁 It's not too late for a New Year's gift! You can buy a gift card on my website. Click on the image below:

🥂 Happy New Year! 🎉

this week's new treasures:​

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