Put all your eggs in one basket

A while ago had a wonderful chestnut basket with a stand and a cover, made by Worcester in about 1770. I was a little heart broken when I packed it up for its new owner on the other side of the world - although the fact that it was going to a loving collector who was thrilled to receive it, made my day!

But it was my turn to be thrilled when I came across a very similar basket just days later... this one is an actual basket, no stand or cover but with beautifully pierced walls that imitate an open woven basket. It has a beautiful flower detail applied and very charming handles that are shaped like twigs - including the blemishes that twigs usually have. In those days, they didn't shape these things to perfection; they shaped them to the imperfect but beautiful reality of nature!,

And the most stunning feature is probably the wonderful flower bouquet painted on the inside. I am showing it all to you on my video below:

And there's a surprise on the underside... I will be telling you in the video about the interesting provenance this basket has!

Gift Cards!

Christmas is coming up soon... if you ran out of time and don't want to ship now, you can buy a gift card on my website!

Need a quick but special gift? Click on the image to buy a Gift Card

this week's new treasures:​

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