Japonism - a new perspective

When trade relations between Japan and the West were restored in the 1850s, it sparked a new fashion for Japanese art and design. The market got flooded with beautiful woodblock prints and teaware. The prints offered a very different perspective than Western art; they were engaging, taking away the distance between the art and the viewer. Rebelling young designers saw the answer to their unhappiness with the staleness and pomp of Victorian design, which had become more about signifying the wealth of the owner's object than with beauty. And so the Aesthetic Movement was born, and a major strand of it was Japonism.

Today I am offering this wonderful tea service by Coalport, made between 1875 and 1891 and very popular at the time - and still a collectors item now! Have a look in my shop.

And if you want to hear more about the story of Japonism, watch my video on YouTube - and please subscribe if you like to receive my weekly videos.

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