English flower painting - or is it Welsh?

In the 1820s, English potteries started to develop a typically English style of flower painting. But if you look well, can see that the first painters who started painting flowers in this way were in Wales, a few years earlier.

Painters at Swansea and Nantgarw started painting flowers the way they grow: not planned and organised, but where ever the light is. The flowers were often humble weeds that you can find at the side of the road - not just exotic garden flowers that were bred by gardeners. And what is also special about these flowers is the way they play with the light.

Coalport coffee cup and saucer, 1820

It was the Welsh flower painters who first became famous for this style and they produced very expensive pieces between 1815 and 1820. Then the Welsh potteries started to struggle, many of them moved up North into England and they taught their skills to the English painters.

Watch the video to follow the story of finding a Coalport coffee cup and saucer that is similar to another set I had...

... and then the discovery that even this cup and saucer are a little different - and then finding out that another pottery made almost the same thing!

You can find all the items in my shop - and enjoy the story!

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