Teatime, New Dresden style

On a sunny autumn Friday afternoon, there's nothing like some tea and some good books... I thought this is a wonderful time for this cute little Tea for Two set made by Spode in 1820!

The style of this set is loosely called "New Dresden", as it imitates the style of the famous porcelain makers in the German city of Dresden around the early 19th Century. But when you look closer, there are different things going on with this set - well, I explain it all in this video.

You can purchase this set in my shop here, and of course the shop if full of other treasures so have a browse around if you like (and as true porcelain lovers, we love you just the same if you are a window shopper!).

Octagon, New Dresden, hand painted flowers and various kinds of embossing - now it's certainly tea time! If you like my videos, please subscribe to my Youtube channel, and if you have subscribed for this website, you don't only get a weekly email with my latest blog post, but you'll also get a discount code that you can use until Christmas 😀

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