Like being in a British period drama

Have you ever wished to step into a British period drama, with its beautiful Classicist houses set in rolling hills, and pretty people enjoying leisure time on the lawn?

You can now check out my latest video here.

This beautiful large platter made in about 1820 seems to come from such a drama: a beautiful Classicist house, very modern for its time, is set in a rolling landscape, the Lord of the House enjoying his time on the lawn and chatting with a traveller, while two fishermen probably catch the trout for supper - the whole scene under the eye of a ruin on the hill top, signifying the grand past that enabled the youngster on the lawn to enjoy his good fortune. This plate is beautifully potted and printed - many of these were produced in the 19th Century to serve large meat dishes.

The platter is now sold, but I keep getting new treasures of blue and white transfer printed treasures in. Check out my latest Spode plates, and in a few days you will see a beautiful tureen from Riley - just watch this space!

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