New Hall, the Staffordshire porcelain pioneer

I am always very excited when big services come up at auctions, but most of the time it ends in disappointment as most have not survived time very well, and mistreatment at the auction houses often makes things worse. But this large tea and coffee service made by New Hall in about 1810 was a truly fabulous find.

New Hall was a very interesting factory - it was a cooperative between several Staffordshire earthenware makers, who were offered the use of the Bristol porcelain license in return for financing a factory together. This new business went on to bring porcelain to Staffordshire and improve on it, ultimately leading to Josiah Spode’s perfect recipe of bone china.

This service is made of the typical New Hall “hybrid hard paste”, a beautiful greyish porcelain, fine and light but with this wonderful grey hue. The pattern is the famous Imari Vine, all painted by the same hand, and the shape is a very special one with Fleur de Lys finials on the teapot and the lidded sucrier - New Hall made very few of these.

The service is in fabulous condition and it looks so stunning! I have the whole service, one spare trio and one spare coffee can.

Watch the video today to find out more about this story!

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