Blue and White, in a thousand ways

Did you always think all blue and white pottery looks the same? Think again!

I have been picking a range of beautiful blue and white pottery for a customer, and before sending it all off I wanted to show you the various gorgeous styles and their interesting history. So I made a little video of it. There will be more pieces coming my way, so please let me know if you are interested in particular pieces!

Blue and white transfer pottery is so known to those of us who have grown up with British pottery, that it is easy to feel bored with it. But searching for special pieces, I discovered such a fantastic range in quality and origin, and the history is so interesting, that it has become a new passion. There is no end to the interesting patterns, beautiful ways the transfers have been applied, and fascinating stories behind the making of these items.

And as with many things, the older ones are the best quality - when labour was cheap and children readily abused to work in the factories 😱, superbly beautiful tableware was produced in large quantities. The later items, which probably were the ones we grew up with, are of a much lesser quality and fail to honour the beautiful range of early 19th Century items.

Watch the video to enjoy this, and keep looking out in the next few months as there will be several more Blue & White instalments peppered through my weekly videos! 💙 🎥 🦋

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