The Joy of Easter Breakfast

It’s going to be Easter soon! It is my favourite festival in this part of the world.

Easter is a curious mix of different cultural streams. In Christianity, there is a deep spiritual meaning: it is the celebration of the sacrifice of Christ, who offered his life for other people’s souls. I remember as a child how I would feel a little confused between the sadness of death and the joy or selfless sacrifice. I still love listening to Bach's magnificent Matthew Passion, a 3-hour rendition of the whole story in musical form. To me, Bach explained it all, making the human story very tangible in the mix of sadness and joy that the music expresses.

Easter also has Jewish origins. Its Jewish predecessor Pesach (which of course is about a wholly different story) celebrates the liberation of bondage, telling the story of the Jews on their epic journey in the desert, fleeing bondage in Egypt and receiving guidance from their Maker. A wonderful custom is that the youngest child in the house gets to ask the questions at dinner, after which the story is told through a beautiful piece of liturgy and symbolic food.

And then of course so much of Easter is entirely pagan. Most religions cleverly incorporated previous customs in order to give people cultural continuity. That's why we all get obsessed with flowers , eggs and chicks this time of year - and I apologise to all who live in different climates if this sounds abstract, but here in the Northern Hemisphere, after a long winter of greyness and cold, it is such an amazing miracle to see flowers pop out and discover the first little ducklings swimming around in the pond or the river!

When I was a child, Easter was one of the few occasions when the whole family would go to church. But not until after a scrumptious breakfast at a wonderfully decorated table. So this year I could not resist when I discovered all these egg holders and plates... and keep watching my shop as I will be bringing out more throughout the month!

And oh, there is still time to ship... and I ship worldwide. Enjoy!

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